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St. John's Youth Investment Club Donates to CVHFH

Jack Still (left) of St John's Episcopal Church's Youth Investment Club with Executive Director Jerry Nichols (right) donating $2,000 to CVHFH.


The St. John's Episcopal Church Youth Investment Club provides education to young adults on investing in the stock market.  The participants research and invest real money in the hopes to create profits that can be donated to local charities.  The club donates 5% of their overall portfolio each year.  Over the past 5 years, the club has donated over $12,000.  CVHFH is extremely grateful to receive the donation, and proud of the philanthropic conviction of the club.


The owner of the garage contacted CVHFH after being cited by the Borough for unsightliness.  The Borough was threatening to demolish the garage (far left) if repairs were not made.  The owner was not able to afford updates to the building and turned to CVHFH for help. 


The "Monday Crew" (bottom right) has been rehabing the building for the past few weeks and still has some work to complete.  So far they have been able to save the building with minimal cost to the building owner.  The progress (top right) is not only beautifying the dwelling, but allowing the owner to keep his garage.


Working in partnership with the Cumberland County Housing & Redevelopment Authority, CVHFH will be building a four bedroom, two bathroom home on Fulton Street in Enola. The house will be two floors, and have approximately 1,500 square feet of living space. The design is borrowed from Habitat - Michigan for its ability to maximize living space within this lot.


An applicant family will be given priority not only if they meet the selection criteria, but if they can prove need in three areas: 1. Overcrowded living conditions, 2. Unaffordable Rent (over 30% of monthly income), and 3. Substandard Living Conditions.


Please call the CVHFH office at (717) 258-1830 or email if you have any question concerning the house build or selection criteria.


In an effort to expand the beneficial services of the Home Again program, CVHFH will be partnering with several social service agencies in Perry County to provide much needed home improvements to the area this fall. The amount of days worked in Perry County will depend on the number projects, volunteers, and available funding. But in initial discussions with the management of the agencies in Perry County, there is a significant amount of need to be addressed.


In 2011, Habitat for Humanity of Perry County disbanded, and reduced the amount of agencies able to help those in need in the County. It is hoped that with this once a year project, the benefits of the Home Again program can reach those who need it in Perry County.  Tentatively, CVHFH is targeting a late summer to mid-fall start date. If you or your group is interested in helping out, please email or call the CVHFH office at 258-1830.


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