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1.  Are you a US citizen, or do you have proof of a permanent green card or permanent visa?


NO - Please contact CVHFH once this requirement is met.


2.  Have you been steadily employed for at least 9 months?


NO - Homeownership requires a stable income.  If you have income from another source you may still qualify.


3. Is your family income from all sources within the current HUD guidelines listed below?


NO - Exceed these guidelines? You may qualify for other housing programs.  If your income is less than 38%  of 2015 HUD median income, you may not be ready for homeownership.


















4.  Are you currently renting or living in a home that is not owned by you?


NO- This progam is only for those who are not able to own their own home.


5.  Is your credit score 600 or better?


NO - Please contact us to discuss if we can still help you.


6.  Have you ever filed for bankruptcy, or are you planning on filing bankruptcy?

YES - Please contact us to discuss if we can still help you.



7.  Are you presently living in substandard housing or paying more than 33% of your gross monthly income on housing?  (e.g. Total Family Income Pre-Tax = $50,000, 50,000*.33 = $16,500)


NO - You still may qualify; however, our primary mission is to eliminate substandard housing, and those with this need may take a higher priority.


8.  Are you willing to put in a day's work on a Habitat project during the application process?


NO - CVHFH may not be the right solution for you.  Please contact us to discuss your concerns.


9.  Are you willing to contribute 400 hours to Habitat projects if you are selected for Habitat Homeownership?


NO - CVHFH only offers homes to people who are willing to partner with them in both the building process and the ownership process.


10.  Are you willing to cooperate fully with CVHFH in providing all information necessary to decide if you would be successful as a Habitat Homeowner?


NO - CVHFH wants you to be a successful homeowner.  In order for the Family Selection and Support Committee to evaluate your ability to afford a home all requested information must be provided.


11.  Are you willing to accept guidance from the Habitat Family Selection and Support Committee in order for you to succeed as a Habitat Homeowner?


NO - Once you are accepted into the Habitat Homeownership program, you will be partnered with a support person to help with budgeting, advice on home repairs adn maintenance in order to help you succeed in homeownership.


If you have answered yes to all the questions except number 6, please contact us via email or at 717-258-1830 to discuss filling out an application.


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