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Volunteering: Making a Difference

Whether it's a new home or a critical home repair, the work CVHFH does makes an indisputable difference. You can join us in that journey, whether you're experienced carpentry, plumbing and/or electric; or a novice wanting to learn more. We work on Mondays and Fridays for about 4-5 hours, with lunch provided. All that we ask is that you join us every so often so as to not lose your acquired skills; and you get to know all the other fantastic CVHFH volunteers. Email if this sounds like the work you'd like to do to help someone else and yourself at the same time.


West Penn Street Update

How difficult it is to rehab a long-time rental property! Our fantastic volunteers have been working since December of last year, turning this house into someone's future home. So as we close in on the completion of 112 West Penn Street, we slowly start work on 116 West Penn Street. Both are available for sale to income qualified, first time homebuyers who are approved for financing that matches the sale price, which is significantly discounted down from the appraised value. For more information on these houses and the process by which they may be purchased, please call the CVHFH office at: (717) 258-1830.

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