Work Restarting Soon at Hosfeld Road

As Pennsylvania inches closer and closer to opening all businesses, CVHFH is cautiously weighing all the options on how best to safely restart working at the Hosfeld Road house. In the mean time, interested persons are urged to learn more about the Habitat House buying process. It starts with a credit score of at least 625, and a need for improved housing conditions. All are welcome to call the CVHFH office at: (717) 258-1830; or email:


At CVHFH, the year started with a bang, or more like a rumble. The rumble of a huge V-8 in a donated van! Cumberland Truck Parts of Carlisle generously donated a 2011 Ford E350 van for our programs. And although the van has over 250K miles on it, the size of the engine more than compensates for that wear and tear. And talk about size! The inside of the van can easily fit the standard lengths of lumber, and those troublesome 4' x 8' sheets of plywood and drywall. The donation of this van to CVHFH represents a huge opportunity for both programs to facilitate the logistics involved in getting material to the job sites. Additionally, CVHFH will no longer have to rent vans for larger objects and quantities. THANK YOU VERY MUCH, CUMBERLAND TRUCK PARTS!!! 

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