Deceptive Progress

From the outside, it looks like we're very close to the finish line. But like a bee hive, all the work is on the inside now. Although gutters and shutters are all that's needed on the outside, we still have so much to do on the inside there's not enough space in this column to say how much. 


Volunteering for CV Habitat for Humanity

We receive may inquiries about volunteering for CVHFH every year. And the basics are simple: 1. We have two volunteer crews: Mondays (new construction) and Fridays (Home Again program).   2. You do not need experience, just dedication and enthusiasm.  3. Lunches are provided, and the work lasts from about 9 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., but it varies. 4. Weekly attendance is not required. But we do ask that you consider volunteering on a consistent basis; whether that is weekly or monthly.  5. We emphasize the individual. When you volunteer with CVHFH, you are literally part of a team. You can learn skills, enjoy the company, and feel rewarded for your work. Please email: if you are interested. Thanks!