Help Wanted: CVHFH Project Manager

Are you a retired construction professional who'd like to make a significant difference in someone's life? Then working with CVHFH is the answer. Overseeing the development  and construction of a CVHFH house can be one of the more rewarding professional experiences you may have. Just call or email the CVHFH office for the details.


Home Again Program Update at Katie's Place in Shippensburg

We're making smooth progress at Katie's Place in Shippensburg. Turning old warehouse space into new office space is basically new construction. Luckily, most of our volunteers work at building our new homes, too. We've just started hanging drywall, which isn't as easy as it looks; trying to fit new construction in an old warehouse. But at least it's not cold inside. 

CVHFH's 2020 Annual Report will be coming out soon. If you'd like a copy, please email our office at: