Help Wanted: CVHFH Project Manager

Are you a retired construction professional who'd like to make a significant difference in someone's life? Then working with CVHFH is the answer. Overseeing the development  and construction of a CVHFH house can be one of the more rewarding professional experiences you may have. Just call or email the CVHFH office for the details.


Home Again Program Update at Katie's Place in Shippensburg

As you can see in the photo on the right, our volunteers have made great progress towards the completion of the new offices, bathroom, and conference room at Katie's Place in Shippensburg. Hard to imagine that a few short months ago, it was just a vacant space in a warehouse (left). After we're done with the drywall finishing, it's on to the painting, flooring, and then trim to close out the project.

CVHFH's 2020 Annual Report will be coming out soon. If you'd like a copy, please email our office at: