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CVHFH to Receive Houses in Carlisle from Carlisle Opportunity Homes

After nearly 55 years of providing housing assistance to Carlisle residents, Carlisle Opportunity Homes (COH) is going out of business. Part of that process is distributing assets of the organization. At a recent meeting of the board of directors for CVHFH, COH President, attorney George Douglas offered CVHFH up to seven houses in the downtown Carlisle area for conveyance.

COH was formed in January, 1969 by the late Jimmie George, noted advocate for safe and affordable housing in Carlisle. Since then, many low income families have been able to access affordable rental properties through COH assistance. Jimmie George passed away a few years ago, but his legacy and influence in affordable housing in Carlisle will continue on.

Up to six of the COH vacant houses in Carlisle will be conveyed to CVHFH to rehab in affordable first-time home buyer homes. These homes, once completed, will be aggressively priced to provide easier home ownership opportunities for low to moderate income families.

With this conveyance, CVHFH will be able to extend its mission of affordable home ownership in Carlisle; where the challenge of the increasing number of unaffordable rental properties is prevalent. 

39 Heisers Lane Renovations Completed

After over two months of work, the renovations at the CVHFH office are completed. This work included a new driveway and parking lot, a new heating system, plumbing system, extensive landscaping, and several building repairs that have been long delayed. It is hopeful that this winter will prove all these changes were needed, and that the cost savings will be quickly realized. For now, we'll return to the repair work and rehab work (above). Thanks to all the donors and volunteers who made this possible.

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