General Contactor Needed

Cumberland Valley Habitat for Humanity is looking for a general contractor to oversee the building of our next home. The position is paid, part-time, and a great fit for a retiree. The main task will be to work with our experienced volunteers, and subcontractors to get the house built for our next family. 

Email our office at: if you, or someone you know, would like more information. 


BEFORE - Left (2 photos)

AFTER - Below (3 photos)


Another Home Again Success


A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a good backstory makes it worth a million.

This past summer our Home Again program worked on a mobile home of a senior in a bad situation. She had no where to live, and bought the only thing she could afford, a fifty year old mobile home. For mobile homes, 50 years is more than a lifetime, and they rarely make it through those years in good shape. Additionally, 50 year old mobile homes weren't built with the best materials, making wind, rain, and cold wear on them worse. This mobile home was no exception. There was no kitchen, no bathroom. So the woods in the back provided the nearest "toilet". 

Our volunteers started work, and repaired floors, replaced windows, installed a toilet, installed a shower stall, and installed a new vanity. Then they began the kitchen. They designed a new layout for the cabinets, and installed a mix of existing and donated cabinets, installed a new ceiling, flooring, countertop, and sink. All this work (and the bathroom) required a great amount of plumbing, while we had to also rewire some of electrical fixtures. By the end of it, over 80% of material came from the CVHFH warehouse (donated), which made it affordable for us. And this meant we could do more than if we had to buy it all. Most importantly, though, she had a new home where she once had next to nothing. The Home Again program is over 10 years old, and has completed 120 projects in Cumberland, Perry, and Adams Counties.


Donor Spotlight: ACNB Bank

 Since 1857, ACNB Bank has been serving the people of southcentral Pennsylvania. Headquartered in Gettysburg, ACNB Bank has banking and/or loan offices in four southcentral Pennsylvania counties, and two northern Maryland counties.

Part of that community support ACNB Bank provides is for CVHFH. For over 10 years, ACNB Bank has supported CVHFH through volunteers and financial contributions. So we thank them for fully appreciating what we do to improve the quality of life for the low-income homeowners of Cumberland County.