Hosfeld Road update

We're pretty much all done on the outside of the house, minus gutters and shutters. Now it's time for the time intensive interior work: drywall & finishing, painting, trim, and flooring. The future homeowner is raking the yard for stones in preparation of grass seeding. Two more inspections and we're done: a home for the Holidays! After that, we'll get started next door.

Home Again Program Update at Katie's Place in Shippensburg

We're making smooth progress at Katie's Place in Shippensburg. Turning old warehouse space into new office space is basically new construction. Luckily, most of our volunteers work at building our new homes, too. Soon the drywall, doors, and trim will go up and we'll move onto our next project. For now, though, we're glad this project is indoors and heaters aren't needed.

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